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Newfoal Trooper by Midnight-Blue766 Newfoal Trooper :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 0 0 An Order Unkind - Antantia (Revised?) by Midnight-Blue766 An Order Unkind - Antantia (Revised?) :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 3 2 Weyland Trench Fighters by Midnight-Blue766 Weyland Trench Fighters :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 1 0 An Order Unkind by Midnight-Blue766 An Order Unkind :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 9 1 The Empire of Eternal Night by Midnight-Blue766 The Empire of Eternal Night :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 6 0 An Order Unkind by Midnight-Blue766 An Order Unkind :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 2 0 Royal Guard (Test Mini) by Midnight-Blue766 Royal Guard (Test Mini) :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 4 0 An Order Unkind by Midnight-Blue766 An Order Unkind :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 0 0 The Sentinel Flag of Canada by Midnight-Blue766 The Sentinel Flag of Canada :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 7 3 Midgard Uber Alles by Midnight-Blue766 Midgard Uber Alles :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 19 13
The Elements Forever!
Oh land of blue, unending skies,
Fields green and sparkling snow
A scent of Friendship in the wind
Over crystal mountains below,
To thee we brought our hopes, our dreams,
With thee we stand together,
Our land of peace which proudly bears
The Elements forever!
Long may you stand, and grace our own
Hearts, minds and our endeavours,
For harmony and our friendship:
The Elements forever!
From far-off lands our heroes came,
Through icy fields and frozen bays,
And conquered windigo and hate,
And their ancient wisdom says:
Protect the weak, defend your rights
And join in love together:
The Hoof, the Wing and Horn divine
And Elements forever!
Oh land where Loyalty abounds,
And Honesty shines straight and true
And the Generous are blessed and praised
By those with Kindness, through and through,
And Laughter rings through hill and dale
Of our Magic land forever,
May our Friendship last eternally!
The Elements forever!
:iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 0 0
Princely State of New Canterlot by Midnight-Blue766 Princely State of New Canterlot :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 13 0
SotD, DoL Part 2: Saddle Arabia
Perhaps the most ‘quintessential’ nation of Dar al-Qamar, Saddle Arabia is a large, mainly desert country located to the south of Buraqid Caliphate in a large region of desert known as Arabia of uncertain etymology. Owing to the very rural nature of the country, and the difficulty even for Earth Ponies in irrigating the land, much of Saddle Arabia remains inhabited primarily by nomadic Camel tribes punctuated by Samawat pegasi in the desert and the occasional Djinn. However, permanent settlements inhabited primarily by Ponies (among them the Asil) do exist in arable areas (usually around the coast or in oases).
Of particular note in Saddle Arabian geography is the Arwah Desert, or the Desert of Souls. Like Equestria’s Everfree Forest, the Arwah Desert is a vast space of untamable desert, where the clouds dissapate beneath the wings of the Samawat and what plants and animals there are grow free of any intervention. The area is largely considered to be cursed by the Sam
:iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 0 0
SotD, DoL Part 1: The Buraqid Caliphate
On paper, it seems that the Buraqid Caliphate is the most powerful nation of Dar al-Qamar, stretching from al-Fajr in the East to Karkadannistan in the West. The Caliphs style themselves Commander of the Faithful and the Prince of Princes.
Yet, in spite of all this pomp and circumstance, the Caliphs retain surprisingly little power outside the province of Aidenn by the Pishon and Gihon rivers, and the region surrounding Destriascus, leading to Equestrians to generally call the region (and indeed, the ‘entire’ Caliphate) “Buraq”. Due to the difficulty of maintaining regular contacts over such huge an empire, and the fact that administration was largely carried out by hereditary tribes rather than a meritocratic civil service eventually meant that the local Emirs began to build up large, regional blocs that, over time, eventually became de-facto countries that paid only lip-service to the Caliph.
The ancestor of the Buraqid Caliphs was Buraq al-Mukhlis, a Pegasus
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Sons of the Desert, Daughters of Luna (Prologue)
Far to the south of Equestria, beyond the realm of Griffons and Deer, indeed, even of the Minotaurs, lies a land of great deserts and sand dunes, a land where the great Jadd Worms swim beneath the sand and where the Camel tribes scrape along for a living. This is a land where the harsh sun beats down upon the parched landscape, whose inhabitants in antiquity long ago turned their prayers to the Moon to protect them from the Sun’s destructive power.
Yet, not all of the lands of al-Qamar are dry and barren desert. Al-Sud, the land of the Stygian River whose banks are black with soil, are studded with ancient Pyramids where the tombs of the ancient Camel kings have rested for untold millenia since their civilisation since fell to dust. In contrast, the banks of the Girthon are green with gardens and farms, and rising from the countryside like a giant jewel in a verdant crown is the great city of Baygdad, where the Buraqid Caliphs entertain the Unicorn scholars and mages in their pur
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Nokomis, Gitche Gumee by Midnight-Blue766 Nokomis, Gitche Gumee :iconmidnight-blue766:Midnight-Blue766 4 0


An Essay on Misanthropy in the MLP Community
I have often heard people assert and complain that there is too much misanthropy in the MLP community. Indeed, there are even groups on this site (two in particular) that have risen in response to such claims of misanthropy. Because of that, I decided to write this essay exploring the reasons why such misanthropy exists, why it persists, why it gets worse, and what can be done to remedy some of it.
To start with, it should be remembered that Equestria is a high fantasy world. In some ways, the high fantasy genre is an escapist genre. It appeals to people looking for a temporary escape from the real world and everything that they consider to be wrong with it. MLP is also a fairytale world populated by a non-human species. Combine these two factors, and it’s a reasonable assumption that you will find a higher percentage of misanthropes in the MLP community than you would in a randomized sample of the human population.
And herein, exists an opportunity. Because of the core values th
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The Dawn by haidiannotes The Dawn :iconhaidiannotes:haidiannotes 576 19 Midnight... by Nemesis360 Midnight... :iconnemesis360:Nemesis360 566 26 Helmet by Audrarius Helmet :iconaudrarius:Audrarius 695 33 Dancerverse Luna by Orin331 Dancerverse Luna :iconorin331:Orin331 192 46 Rebuilt tiny by XuxaXuxa Rebuilt tiny :iconxuxaxuxa:XuxaXuxa 4 0 Tis Mother Nature! by Darkest-Lunar-Flower Tis Mother Nature! :icondarkest-lunar-flower:Darkest-Lunar-Flower 56 9 A Royal Bath by Darkest-Lunar-Flower A Royal Bath :icondarkest-lunar-flower:Darkest-Lunar-Flower 64 15 SCP-2845 by Amamidori SCP-2845 :iconamamidori:Amamidori 76 4 The Glory never fades away by Sensko The Glory never fades away :iconsensko:Sensko 19 7 GOLEM - toys and magic by randis GOLEM - toys and magic :iconrandis:randis 5,998 334 Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle Cuddling (6) by 90Sigma Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle Cuddling (6) :icon90sigma:90Sigma 551 61
Deconstructing Paolini's Ancient Language
The recent release of the final book in the Inheritance Cycle has stirred up both a bit of nostalgia and curiosity within me, as well as a bit of quiet loathing due to the sort of things I will cover in this essay. As an avid and active conlanger, my interest in Paolini's Ancient Language stretches back all the way to the release of the original book. Though to my 13 year-old self, the conlang was initially an inspiration to work harder on my own conlangs, it wasn't long until I became advanced enough in conlanging and linguistics in general to realize that there was something seriously lacking in Paolini's linguistic creation. Then several years ago, I did my first essay critiquing the Ancient Language, though very little of what I said was original and was instead simply a rephrasing of other ideas I had heard tossed around. Now, a few years later, not only is there a larger body of linguis
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Thats Mine! by piepon Thats Mine! :iconpiepon:piepon 292 41 Everyone deserves a second chance ~ Luna by Cvanilda Everyone deserves a second chance ~ Luna :iconcvanilda:Cvanilda 62 2 MLP - Luna's night by Cvanilda MLP - Luna's night :iconcvanilda:Cvanilda 94 7



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